Mission statement: To enhance the awareness of the Blessed Holy Trinity through evangelization and to deepen our union with our Triune God.

"For the entire law is fulfulled in keeping this one command: Love your neighbor as youself." Galatians 5:14

 The Clear Truth

There is room for only one on the throne of the Christian life, and that is Jesus, our Lord, our Savior, our King, our God. Professing that truth out loud and often during your daily time of prayer brings great grace and clarity as you go through your day.

— fromTo Be Like Jesus

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 A Listening Ear  by Stephen Meara Blount - NEW - 1/3/2013

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You'll Never Find Your Answers  by Forrest Phelps-Cook - NEW - 7/26/2010

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Sometimes People Come Into Your Life  by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 7/11/2011

Words Of Wisdom  by Carol Ford Witt - NEW - 8/6/2012

And I Hope You Dance  by B.J. Morbitzer - NEW - 4/26/2011

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He Never Knew A Stranger  by Eva Dimel - NEW - 9/3/2010

Thankful  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 1/2/2013

Symphony of Whites  by anonymous - NEW - 11/25/2012

A Soldier Died Today  by A. Lawrence Vaincourt - NEW - 7/27/2012

Tulip Time  by anonymous - NEW - 11/25/2012

Emergency Telephone Numbers  by Granpa Gordo - NEW - 11/22/2012

The 'Our Father' in Pictures  by Steve Politte - 11/21/2012

Let's Take A Hike  by Granpa Gordo - NEW - 11/20/2012

The Carpenter  by anonymous - NEW - 11/18/2012

To Mary  by Arvil Jones - NEW - 11/16/2012

Christmas Without You  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 11/16/2012

Babysitters  by anonymous - NEW - 11/13/2012

Contemporary Commandments  by Granpa Gordo - NEW - 11/13/2012

Always And Forever  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 11/10/2012

Please Don't Forget Me  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 11/6/2012

A Letter to My Father  by Janice Stefher - NEW - 10/30/2012

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IMAGINE  by Granpa Gordo - NEW - 10/30/2012

Still  by Bill Anderson (Whispering Bill) - NEW - 10/27/2012

The Blessing Of Jesus  by Stephen Meara- Blount - NEW - 10/26/2012

Man's Best   anonymous - NEW - 10/24/2012

Easy Loving  by Freddie Hart (country singer) - NEW - 11/30/2012

Friendship Day  by anonymous - NEW - 11/27/2012

The Day The Angels Came (1080p HD) by Stephen Meara-Blount

MY 'MASTER'  by Janice Stefher - NEW - 10/18/2012

Prayer  by Granpa Gordo - NEW - 10/15/2012

I TELL YOU THE TRUTH  by Janice Stefher - NEW - 10/12/2012

Winter Of My Life  submitted by Don Stewart - NEW - 10/12/2012

Forty Days And Forty Nights  by Karen Kelley - NEW - 10/11/2012

DADDY GOD  by  C. E. Van Buren  - NEW - 10/10/2012

You Gotta See This  by anonymous - NEW - 10/8/2012

Chrysanthemum Festival in Germany  by anonymous - NEW - 10/8/2012

Trees  by Granpa Gordo - NEW - 10/8/2012

Words Spoken So Softly  by Chee Chee Martin/S.A. Politte - NEW - 10/7/2012

The Lost Soul  by Sharlee - NEW - 10/6/2012

Someday  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 10/5/2012

Willing To Give by Eddie Roush  NEW - 10/3/2012

We Call On Him  by Elvis Presley - NEW - 10/2/2012

The Morning You Left Me  by Jan Stefher - NEW - 9/27/2012

Our Political Campaign Process  by Gordon Johnson - NEW - 9/26/2012

Stunning by Patrick Notley (Austic)  NEW - 9/25/2012

When The Time Comes  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 9/23/2012

Our Highway To Heaven  by Gordon Johnson  - NEW - 9/20/2012

His Is The Heart  by Steve A. Politte - NEW - 9/17/2012

Don't Despair  by Chee Chee Martin - NEW - 9/17/2012

water-2007  by anonymous - NEW - 9/17/2012

Live A Life That Matters  submitted by Marvin Sellers - NEW - 9/15/2012

The Seasons Of My Life  by Stephen Meara-Blount - NEW - 9/15/2012

Hollywood Dorado  by anonymous - NEW - 9/14/2012

Moment By Moment  by Eva Dimel - NEW - 9/7/2012

EveryDay Grace  by Eva Dimel - UPDATED - January 14fh, 2011

Reflections On God  by David A. Politte www.reflections-on-god.com

Doug's International Ministry  by Doug Holt


Joy In The Morning Ministries   by Karen Bunker  -  Updated August 28, 2012

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From The Heart Of Granpa Gordo  by Gordon Johnson


‘Wherever You Are’ – A Tribute to Military Men From Their Wives








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