Mission statement: To enhance the awareness of the Blessed Holy Trinity through evangelization and to deepen our union with our Triune God.

"Wishing you all a Blessed & Spiritfilled New Year 2018"

In 2003, a few enthusiastic immigrants , settling in Mississauga, felt a calling by the Holy Spirit to form a Prayer Group. The theme that guided them was "United to serve the Lord and His People". The gathering was made possible in the Catholic Church of Sts. Peter and Paul under the Archdiocese of Toronto, adopting the name STS.PETER & PAUL PRAYER GROUP (SPPPG). The group has since grown and now has a number of active ministries.


Over the years, by the grace of God and through the dedication of its leaders, SPPPG became vibrant and is now a strong and uniting string that holds nearly two hundred dedicated members. The members of SPPPG have a bond of love that binds souls in praising, thanking and worshipping the living God.


The group has been blessed in abundance and the hand of the Lord is truly at work. We have a dedicated core team, active ministries, and a number of renowned speakers to grace our meetings regularly.


The SPPPG meeting takes place at Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Mississauga every Friday at 6.45 pm. Meeting begins with the Holy Rosary, Praise and Worship followed by Bible teaching and sharing the Word of God. It ends at 9.00 pm with fellowship.


The prime objective of SPPPG is Evangelization! As guided by the Holy Spirit we offer community services by helping the needy through prayers of intercessions.


SPPPG is a Youth focussed prayer group as children and youth take an active role in leading praise and worship and attending spiritual and leadership events, preparing them to become witnesses of our Catholic Church!




1. Intercessory  

2. Praise & Worship  

3. Ministry of the Word

4. Music  

5. Youth  

6. Healing  

7. Care & Share  

8. Service





1. Prayer Meetings every Friday


2. Intercessory Meeting - First Friday of the month


3. Youth Meetings - 2nd and 4th Friday of the month


4. Praise Adonai - 31st December / January 1st of every year


5. Night Vigil on Holy Thursday


6. Night Vigil in November


7. Renewal of Vows for married couples in February






Weekly Prayer Meetings with Rosary, Praise & Worship, Scripture teachings and fellowship

Every Friday (except first Friday of the month) from 6.45pm to 9.00pm at Sts. Peter & Paul Church 4070 Central Parkway East Mississauga, Ontario - L4Z 1T6

Intercessory meeting on First Friday of the month at 8.10pm to 9.00pm at Sts. Peter & Paul Church 4070 Central Parkway East Mississauga, Ontario - L4Z 1T6

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